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Echo chambers

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Today’s stories

Turning Twitter into an echo chamber is a bad look but won’t actually suppress the speech of most Americans.

Recent actions by Twitter to purge conservatives from their platform are chilling but the real suppression will come from the thought-Stazi that Speaker Pelosi and her gang of TDS addled misfits are gathering on the horizon.

Take it to the bank, American based social media behemouths Twitter and Facebook have reached their respective zeniths. Both will organically hemorrhage users because of their actions and due to states (foreign governments) banning the platforms.

Following the social media purge started in earnest last Wednesday, foreign leaders, including the President’s of Mexico and Germany, decried censoring of their peer Donald Trump.

Then, on Monday, Uganda banned Facebook and Twitter ahead of an election in that country because of selective censorship. It’s possible to quite likey that, like the media, social media is being manipulated by the intelligence community to interfere in elections both in the U.S. and abroad.

While Facebook and Twitter face possible global bans, they could also be turned off in the U.S. on a state by state basis. In Flordia, Ron DeSantis is considering action against Big Tech after Congress balked on the issue in recent years.

While the propaganda machine whirs, suggesting social media minnows like Parler and Gab are to blame for organizing riots and other nefarious activities, Facebook and Twitter are just as if not more blameworthy for bannable activity.

Both incumbents are regularly used to distribute illegal pornography and facilitate human trafficking.

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IMPEACHMENT seems unlikely to happen before Donald Trump is scheduled to leave office (it has passed the House). As such, Democrats are dreaming up new scenarios to get rid of Trump because seven days isn’t quick enough.

Now the snowflakes in D.C. are openly contemplating use of the 14th amendment. Section Three bars anyone from serving in office who has given aid or comfort to an insurrection. It’s a stretch but so is most of what the Democrats have been up to for the past four years.

One positive outcome, it turns out Liz Cheney doesn’t have the pull she thought she had. Only nine other GOP members joined the Congresswoman in Impeach Orange Man Hate Fest 2021.

We’ll see how much time and energy they can waste on their fixation.

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