FRI brief 5.29.20

Quarter spectated sporting events

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Today's stories

ERIC HOLDER is endorsing 30 Democrat candidates for Texas House and rolling about like a big dog, spending $115,000 across 26 districts.

GREG ABBOTT yesterday, out of the blue, six months before the general election, extended early voting for an undisclosed number of days. 

The announcement was made in passing during an interview on Lubbock television. With multiple court cases in the early stages that may require negotiations and the unknowns about public health that far out, the announcement looks like poor negotiating observers have come to expect.

In addition to the expanded early voting, Abbott announced outdoor professional sporting events open at 25%. Approval to host quarter-spectated-events will have to be given by the Texas Department of Health.

POLITICAL HACKS self-identifying as journalists are pretending that this week's SCOTX ruling, slapping down an expansion of mail-in balloting, adds confusion to voting by mail.

It doesn't.

  1. Texas voters have always been expected to not lie on forms.

  2. Election officials have the same latitude; they've always had to accept applications.

  3. Law enforcement officials have the same broad investigative powers to locate and prosecute Texans who break the law.

JOHN CORNYN and Ted Cruz find themselves on opposite sides of a debate over cuts to the guest worker visa program amid the coronavirus outbreak.

AMERICANS are more worried about the economy than the risk of being infected with the Chia virus accordion to polling from FiveThirtyEight.

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