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GOP flounders

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HOOD COUNTY Republicans censured Governor Greg Abbott yesterday, joining Denton, Ector, Harrison, Llano, and Montgomery GOP's. Additional similar measures will pass in the coming days, weeks, and months.

What has the GOP base riled up? Tyranny.

Cut to the People's Republic of Austin, where, after receiving a letter from Abbott giving his blessing to do whatever it takes, the city council implemented a $2000 fine for not wearing a face mask.

Crying from moderate-liberal Republicans over censurings of Abbott ahead of November because the party "should be laser-focused on Democrats" betrays the deeply engrained ideal of reciprocity.

Abbott of late (see: Hotze | Empower) and the Bush-Rove element since early last fall have been hustling to snuff out conservative insurgents and consolidate power as they reprise their role of Pazuzu to the RPT's Regan.

Speaking of the RPT.

REPUBLICANS sued the City of Houston yesterday over the cancelation of the party's convention. The case was thrown out by a Harris County judge later in the day.

Attempts to keep the in-person convention in Houston are at this point an exercise in maintaining the act that party leadership hasn’t wanted an all virtual convention, at the cost of participation, for months.

As the RPT legal ship burns, convention "planning" by Chairman Dickey and select sycophantic SREC members continued unabated yesterday on its own shambolic odyssey.

The SREC Officials Committee held a meeting yesterday and green-lit the online-only convention vendor Dickey has been furtively working with for months.

The meeting was held in Executive Session to shield SREC shenanigans from public consumption. A Special Meeting of the full-body takes place Friday.

As Dickey struggles to orchestrate a favorable outcome, organic SD-based meetings are cropping up around the state. There are even calls for a last-minute relocation to Montgomery County.

A single location at this would likely be a mistake.

In 2020, dispersed targets to take down is preferable to a single location that can be pressured by the mob, reference the successfully sidelined Houston convention.

DONALD TRUMP has signed an executive order expanding educational and economic opportunities to Hispanics.

The media largely ignored this news as it runs counter to the programming ahead of the 2020 election.

Related: Joe Biden plans to grant citizenship to 11 million+ illegal immigrants.

A PROFESSOR says Trump has a 91% chance of winning based on his model that has correctly predicted 25 of the last 27 elections.

The elections that it got wrong, Kennedy ('60) and Bush ('00) were odd elections which should give Trump supporters pause, as this year's election is decidedly bizarre. ICYMI Kanye West is running as the Birthday Party candidate in 2020.

Still, the professor's model stresses something that is a known issue for Democrats in all 2020 polls, enthusiasm.

SPECIAL SESSION drums, beating since June 2019, are getting louder as Governor Abbott stretches executive orders beyond their breaking point.

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