THU brief 8.13.20

Harris not a factor in TX

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KAMALA HARRIS, all things being equal, isn't likely to impact Texas as part of a presidential ticket topped by Joe Biden. Harris, until she dropped her bid in December, was polling poorly in Texas at 5%.

This didn't stop pundits from working the intersectionality filter hard yesterday, in service of the narrative that Democrats stand a chance of winning Texas, making a case that the Senator from California will boost Democrat odds of success.

Peddled suggestions don’t mesh well with the recently completed Democrat U.S. Senate primary run-off.

To the extent that Harris moves suburban women, it could have more to do with her track record being tough on crime. If Biden drops before November, Harris, who is a fighter, will be interesting to watch if she’s improved herself following a bumbling showing in the primary.

Harris is no wild-eyed progressive. Without a hint of Sanders-Warren in the mix, enthusiasm for the Democrat ticket is likely to remain low, especially compared to energy for Trump.

GREG ABBOTT will be making another public appearance today to discuss COVID19.

As the novel virus makes its way through the population, wreaking havoc on education, sporting events, and commerce, the healthcare system (as designed) continues to bend but not break.

Abbott meanwhile continues to hamstring small business owners as local governments across Texas continue efforts to raise taxes.

Related: Abbott’s promised 'tax relief' raised taxes.

POLLING on a district by district basis (Texas House races) showing Democrats within striking distance are typical ahead of elections, often wrong, and pushed by hacks. HD 126 will not flip to Democrats without illegal vote harvesting efforts.

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