Friday morning brief 1.17.20

Liberal hedge ahead of HD 28 runoff

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LIBERALS are already hedging ahead of next week’s special election in Fort Bend County. A good sign for Republicans.

Scott Braddock, an Austin based blogger, tweeted about the HD28 runoff between Eliz Markowitz and Garry Gates that win or lose the election, it’s all upside for Democrats. Inaccurate.

Since November, this race has been held out by Democrats as a litmus test for 2020. More accurately, a win by Markowitz will not alter the course set since 2018. Projecting gains as a foregone conclusion, money is already pouring into the state, and if the impeachment gambit is any indicator, Democrats lack the awareness to change course.

Should Markowitz lose, robust support of her bid will have been a waste of time and resources akin to the Wendy Davis campaign in 2014.

FUNDRAISING reports for state races were due Wednesday, kicking off the bone reading.

TAXPAYER FUNDED lobbying is going to be protected by educators and parents according to one Austin lobbyist, this as states consider ending the practice.

The overlords in Austin view teachers and their bosses as lackeys for special interests who’ve become fabulously wealthy on the backs of educators.

THE TEXAS TRIBUNE has hired Manny Garcia to head up its new investigative team. Garcia’s hire was praised by another Manny Garcia, Executive Director of the Texas Democratic Party. 

The investigative unit is underwritten by a $5.75 million gift from Houston-based Arnold Ventures (Laura and John Arnold). The Arnolds just dumped $20,000 into Eliz Markowitz’ HD 28 campaign

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