MON brief 6.14.21

Phelan flounders

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DADE PHELAN continues to writhe on the subject of his mishandling election integrity during the regular session. His leadership failures are a hot potato he can’t unload.

Debating the end of the process isn’t productive for Senators; highlighting the beginning (where the violence against the bill/s occurred) would be more effective.

The lower chamber stalled and mismanaged both omnibus bills, precipitating a mad dash at the close of the session that resulted in a set of circumstances beneficial to Democrats.

Any “unknown” elements of SB7 would have been known and accounted for if the House had promptly moved the legislation when it was received from the Senate without gutting it completely, further gumming up the works.

In other election integrity news, DOJ goon Merrick Garland is threatening to rewire elections from the top down, presumably because aggressive progressive legislation to permanently rig elections is DOA.

Note, Garland and the DOJ do not set election guidelines, and the likely to be politicized nature of any recommendations should be summarily ignored.

JAMES WHITE is exiting the Texas legislature. According to the local outlet that broke the story, White is “considering a statewide run.” If such a run materializes, it faces long odds.

That said, all lawmakers who fancy themselves higher office material (hint: that’s all of them) should try and upgrade; we’re all here for the scrum.

DAN PATRICK shook up committee chairmanships on Friday afternoon. The moves account for lame duck and out alignment Senators. In the reshuffle, Sen. Bob Hall has been awarded chairmanship for the first time in his tenure.

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