Friday morning brief 1.10.20


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OPERATION CHAOS gets discussed every other year when it’s discovered GOP candidates voted in the Democrat 2008 primary. Chaos was a goofy machiavellian ploy aimed at preventing Barack Obama from winning the nomination by having GOP voters take part in the Democratic primary.

While it might be true that Republicans took part in chaos to help the party win, more likely than not, many GOP voters in 2008 crossed over to vote for Barack Obama because they were underwhelmed by the candidate being rammed down their collective throats.

Obama was more compelling than Hillary Clinton and John McCain, just like Donald Trump, no matter what many on the left might claim is more compelling than Hillary Clinton or [insert Bush candidate here].

Good candidates win.

JOE BIDEN says illegal immigrants should have to learn to speak English to gain citizenship, causing a dust-up on the left. Meanwhile, New York is considering a bill baring government workers from using the terms “alien,” “illegal alien,” or “illegal immigrant” on official documents.

Related: Harris County releases illegal immigrant DWI suspect slated for deportation.

THE UNIVERSITY OF  TEXAS, following months of student protests, released a list of 17 faculty and staff members they say violated sexual misconduct policies.

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