TUE brief 8.4.20

Union Goons

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Today's stories

A GOV-ED UNION in Austin has put together a list of demands before they'll go back to work.

Included are items that have cropped up in other locales; expand the summer by another month (with pay of course), online learning till November (which will be ghosted by many), no accountability (testing), and mandatory kiddos in masks when in-person teaching resumes (psychiatrists will be swimming in cash for decades to come).

Texas' pushover-in-chief Greg Abbott will yield to demands.

Yesterday, just three days after saying schools had to reopen or risk losing funding, Abbott "clarified" (read: caved like a bat before dawn) himself in an exclusive interview with KSAT.

Now, according to Abbott, schools can essentially take the entire semester off (open in November).

COVID19 is breaking Abbott like it's going to break government education. It's been an ugly thing to watch but will lead to improved education for many Texas children.

Ultimately stratification of the system will be determined by the unions. The longer they dig in, the more intense the gap will become. Correctly viewed, the disparity in education has been and will be attributable to union goons.

Also, how do you know that we have unions in Texas? They call themselves unions.

BARACK OBAMA dropped into Texas politics yesterday, issuing a slew of endorsements in races targeted by Democrats.

THE CENSUS is being wrapped up a month earlier than anticipated, according to NPR. The move will allow apportionment figures to be reported by the original deadline.

Initially, the count was due in July, but because of the pandemic, this bumped out to October.

Baring litigation (highly likely), the Texas legislative session in 2021 could be run without a special session, shortening the lame-duck stays of many elected officials.

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