TUE brief 9.22.2020

Latino voters not a lock

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DEMOCRATS are predictably signaling they'll pack the Supreme Court should Trump and the Republican Senate confirm a nominee.

While Biden has said he wouldn't pursue this packing agenda, he's not really in control.

Right now, the threat from Democrats is they'll pack if an appointment comes before the election or January 2021 if Biden manages to win. A case can be made that it might happen regardless.

In the late fall of 2019, when Democrats launched their impeachment gambit, the ploy seemed early, but not if RBG's health was considered.

Now the ploy's aim is being deployed. Coupled with a potential third pick from Trump, and Democrats still heck-bent on removing or nullifying Kavanaugh and Gorsuch it’s a matter of time before Democrats try to pack.

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POLLING continues; it's a predictable shift to reality, showing a more accurate tight race ala 2016.

Last week, Rep. Briscoe Cain tweeted a prediction that the GOP would pick up three seats or four House seats. The tweet front-ran a reported conference call over the weekend in which Dave Carney downplayed internal polls from Democrat candidates.

As we get closer to election day, expect more of this truth including admissions that Social Desirability Bias (shy Trump voters) is present in polling.

Related: Trump's approval ticks up.

LATINO voters (not a monolithic bloc) appear to have fallen out of favor with the Democrat party, to the detriment of Texas Democrats (see: Kamala pick).

Snubbing/pandering continued over the weekend when Biden announced he would nominate a black woman for the Supreme Court if he's elected, and there's a vacancy to fill.

Demographics aren't destiny.

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ALLEN WEST has called on Attorney General Ken Paxton to seize more than 2 million mail-in ballot applications in Harris County if Clerk Chris Hollins refuses to follow election law and related court orders.

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