Tuesday morning brief 11.12.19

Democrats go too far

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Fighting to sexually transition a seven-year-old boy is going to burn Texas Democrats who, in keeping with the national trend, are doubling down on hard-line liberalism.

For the past year, a custody battle over seven-year-old James Younger has been simmering largely out of view. The father, Jeff Younger, says his son identifies as a boy while mother, Anne Georgulas, says the child identifies as a girl.

After a jury initially granted full custody to the mother the judge overseeing the case ruled the father and mother would remain joint managing conservators and would both have a say in the child’s medical treatment.

While Republicans ignored the issue during the 2019 legislative session, GOP lawmakers are now paying attention and promising action. Governor Abbott recently injected himself into the fray, as he often does, with a manicured tweet.

Liberal politicians are working to weaponize the issue and the media is spinning to help, playing defense against the absurd proposition of altering a child’s chemical composition.

The Austin American Statesman yesterday published a “fact” check article trying to counter remarks made by Cindi Castilla, president of the Dallas Eagle Forum made at a press conference last week calling for a special session to address the issue of medically altering children, which is not currently regulated by law.

The AAS article and others like this from Vox, contend the Younger case is little more than dress wearing and pronoun choice, a tactical attempt to trivialize the trajectory of the case.

In her AAS article @madlinbmek selectively cites (as does Vox) transgender standards of care guidelines to suggest that the seven-year-old Younger’s chemical castration/alteration isn’t imminent and won’t permanently alter a still-developing child. Citing medical records, Jeff Younger’s attorney in court proceedings has contended puberty suppression will start as early as eight-years-old

But, according to the “standards” the guidelines presented are, “flexible clinical guidelines” and suggest children as young as 9 could be subjected to puberty suppressing hormones, not adolescents as @madlinbmek suggests. Further, the guidelines push for the early adoption of chemical intervention, not later as is being suggested in the media.

Early use of puberty suppressing hormones may avert negative social and emotional consequences of gender dysphoria more effectively than their later use would

In the week prior to Younger reaching a boiling point, Bill Maher (not a conservative) gave following commentary [Warning for language and subject matter].

For those uninterested in watching, Maher makes the case that Democrat presidential candidates are acting too crazy to beat President Trump in 2020. Specific examples given include Elizabeth Warren insisting the government pay for prisoner sex-change operations, Bernie Sanders wanting the Boston bomber to be able to vote and Beto O’rouke wanting to remove tax-exempt status from churches.

These are policies that appeal to only the most ardent liberals, and yet as Maher points out, only 46% of Democrats identify as liberal. Maher’s observations, true of the national level apply in Texas.

The prospect of a parent altering the chemical composition of a non-consenting child’s sex is beyond the pale for all but the most extreme. Republicans have a suburban mother issue and Abbott knows it, that’s why he tweeted.

Texas NRA affiliate is emailing supporters to oppose a Harris Co. Commissioners' resolution supporting universal background checks for private gun sales. This resolution is the first known that appears to counter the push of conservatives in rural counties.

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick yesterday issued a lengthy email to supporters calling for GOP unity and writing that demanding a special session would “not be appropriate.” Members of the media, as well as liberal and conservative activists on social media, called out Patrick on the apparent flip flop. In 2017, Patrick was vocal in demanding a special session to address issues unresolved during the regular session.

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