Tuesday morning brief 12.3.19

Media bias, religious liberty, free speech

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Michael Bloomberg is being positioned as a former Republican from a top-down media structure, hoping to pass the far left pol as a centrist (NYT, LA Times). Elizabeth Warren was also once a Republican.

A memo issued to Bloomberg media employees when the billionaire announced he was entering the race stated it would “no longer critically cover the Democratic presidential candidates - including Bloomberg and his rivals - but would go on covering Trump.”

So…the Trump campaign is booting Bloomberg reporters from covering future events.

A 60 Minutes investigation shows Google, YouTube over the summer, pulled 300+ Trump ads. And the righteous distrust of mainstream media grows.

Black voters are tired of a misleading, condescending mainstream media.

“When it comes to African-American voters like myself, when we look at the news — we look at what CNN contributor Ana Navarro said,” added Smith, noting Navarro’s recent tweet in which she mocked polls displaying significant black support for President Trump.

What differentiates Trump from his Democrat opponents is he doesn’t sound like the politicians who have failed to keep promises, and you can hear that loves America.

Texas Education Agency Commissioner Mike Morath on Monday ruled that an English teacher fired after tweeting to President Donald Trump that her school was full of students in the country illegally should get her job back.

Keep an eye out for 2020 hedging. Right now, Republicans and Democrats in Texas are strutting around in various aggressive, defensive, bullish postures about their chances in 2020.

In his daily positioning piece, Ross Ramsey notes that “only 13 districts had a partisan difference of 5 percentage points or fewer. Republicans hold seven of those, and Democrats hold six.” A pretty even split.

Prediction: Democrats won’t pick up the nine seats needed to control the House in 2021.

Religious liberty got deep-sixed the legislative session. Of more than a dozen bills filed to protect religious freedoms, only one passed — the Chick-fil-a bill, a watered-down publicity stunt that has backfired.

Yesterday, the State Commission on Judicial Conduct ‘rebuked’ Waco based Justice of the Peace Dianne Hensley for refusing to perform gay weddings.

Texans are and will be forced to perform actions that contradict their sincerely held religious beliefs.

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