FRI brief 10.16.20

Beto, broke?

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Today’s stories

BETO is getting back on the taxpayer dole. According to the school newspaper, the failed candidate will be a professor at Texas State University in 2021.

MARK CUBAN defended his basketball team doing business with Communist China despite being confronted by the genocide the country is executing on a religious minority.

The media is spinning for Cuban, claiming the billionaire condemned human rights violations, a term that falls short well short of adequately capturing reports of Uyghurs being forced into concentration camps, suffering infanticide, or having their organs harvested.

HISD is canceling classes (virtual and in-person) on election day because it’s a free for all in Harris County. Taxpayer resources are being used for politicking, and election law is being broken.

THE ALAMO 1619 Project, coming to bookstores in 2021.

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Fmr Mexican leader arrested on drug trafficking and money laundering charges

Democrat PAC pours $8.6M into ads to salvage MJ Hegar campaign

Houston Tech Mogul Indicted for ‘Largest-Ever Tax Charge’

Travis Co. voting on par with 2016

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