FRI brief 10.23.20

SCOTX punts

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SCOTX, without offering any reason, has allowed Harris County to illegally expand curbside voting for the 2020 election.

JOE BIDEN was honest about his desire to shut down the oil industry in America during last night’s debate.

This will cost him in battleground states, Pennsylvania, in particular. The remarks don’t play well in Texas either but, contrary to the grifter narrative, Texas is not in play.

Texas lawmakers were quick to pile on Biden for his anti-energy position. Still, it’s hard to take the righteous indignation seriously since the state was shuttered with minimal push back, which, in case you missed it, hobbled the oil and gas industry.

JAMES TALARICO (D-Williamson Co.) is asking for cash because, according to his polling, independents are breaking to the GOP. We’ll see. This race is a toss-up.

PUBLIC INFORMATION in Texas isn’t really public (never really has been). COVID19 has exacerbated already apparent problems, with agencies ignoring or improperly delaying record release. This is especially damaging trust when it comes to the release of election-related information.

Laws about posting and releasing public records need to be strengthened in 2021.

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