FRI brief 10.8.21

Is Phelan killing conservative bills?

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Today’s stories

MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY continued toying with the media and Democrats yesterday, stating he’s measuring a possible run for governor. He’s not running but seems to enjoy being asked. It’s the political equivalent to having your cake and eating it too.

Matthew McConaughey has never sought political office. He’s a guy who wrote a book and got asked a question on his book tour. Once his answer to that question created an unexpected buzz, the P.R. savvy McConaughey kept the buzz going. One wonders if his book sales spike every time these stories appear.

Yesterday’s interview followed what was perceived as Beto O’Rourke taking shots at the actor for not advocating positions on public policy, exhibiting nervous, preoccupied energy on Beto’s part that should be absent or so well hidden it is presumed to miss in a frontrunner.

Notably, McConaughey evaded stating his position on abortion. He did take a shot at the Heartbeat Act, saying its implementation was juvenile but avoided the Wendy Davis trap.  Given that his career requires him to do business in the farthest left reaches of Hollywood, this is a pretty big hint at where public opinion stands.

McConaughey comes off as a good dude. He’s worked hard and achieved spectacular success while keeping a level head on his shoulders. That’s nothing. But just because a guy’s lived an interesting life, and can offer sound advice, doesn’t mean he needs to run for political office.

SOCIAL ISSUES are not bad for business.  Not even close.

Three stories in the past 24-hours elucidate the disconnect between the Austin Tech Alliance/Jessica Shorthall crowd and reality:

  1. Crony capitalism is being excised in D.C.

  2. AT&T knows where its biscuit is buttered

  3. Tesla is moving its headquarters to Texas

In each case, business interests continue to side with the National/Texas GOP, ignoring pressure from the woke left. That tells you everything. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that those who fail to understand the fundamental reality of chromosomes also fail to understand the basic reality of economics.

TEXAS PUBLIC SCHOOLS are, according to Ian Miles Cheong, are “minimum security jails for young people.”

DADE PHELAN is poised to kill property tax elimination, election audits, and adding back teeth to the Texas election code by reinstating penalties for illegal voting that he gutted.

But Phelan isn’t alone in his ability to dictate what does and does not get accomplished during this third special session.

Dan Patrick has the needed leverage to get these items addressed; he can hold the Texas House maps hostage.

During a recent interview, Governor Greg Abbott suggested he wanted to move back to a single issue special session threat he rolled out earlier this year only to change. One question that can be put to Abbott is, is this already happening?

The Governor has been noticeably absent in moving legislation; this should change.

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