FRI brief 11.12.21

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Today’s Stories

EVA GUZMAN has released a list of “Women for Eva.” For the most part, the names are establishment-leaning TFRW types. One name on the list, however, is unintentionally symbolic.

Harriet Miers was nominated to the U.S Supreme Court, by George W. Bush, in 2005.  Before that, she had been then-Governor Bush’s appointee to head the Texas Lottery Commission. Miers ultimately withdrew from SCOTUS consideration due to a lack of qualifications.

Guzman has long had a reputation as a legal lightweight.

Of course, the other noteworthy element of Miers’ endorsement of Guzman is that George W. Bush’s nephew is also a candidate in this race. George P. failing to consolidate his uncle’s closest cronies is a bad look.

DANA DeBEAUVOIR, the (Democrat) Travis County Clerk, is retiring at the end of 2021.

By resigning now, DeBeauvoir will enable the (all-Democrat) Travis County commissioners court to appoint her replacement. DeBeauvoir’s replacement will oversee all 2022 elections, echoing the Harris County 2020 shuffle.

DeBeauvoir has long faced criticism, most prominently in the form of Laura Pressley’s challenge to an Austin City Council election in 2014. The Travis County clerk's office was also the subject of a complaint after GOP poll watchers were denied the ability to observe vote counting in the 2020 general election.

More recently, Travis County’s election office fought the release of mail-in ballot carrier envelopes after a special election in 2021 where vote harvesting is suspected.

No smoking gun has ever been found against DeBeauvoir, but the Travis County clerk’s repeated stonewalling doesn’t engender confidence.

The SALEM CENTER AT UT-AUSTIN held a discussion yesterday on the relationship between immigration policies and economic productivity.

One novel takeaway: immigration tends to be politically popular in economic environments where capital ownership is widespread. Where capital ownership is concentrated, immigration is politically unpopular.

In other words, does the so-called “median voter” own capital?

This is the best explanation we’ve ever heard for why public opinion on this issue has shifted so dramatically since the bailouts of 2008.


In the interest of brevity, yesterday’s newsletter included an unintended slight to all incumbent groups working to protect family principles instead of the “most prominent incumbent.”


In addition to needing tighter execution (better wording and a link), that part of the email also should have had a carved-out kudos space for incumbent groups who fight the good fight on family values and fight it well.

For one, Texas Eagle Forum has been in this arena for decades, and they’ve not wavered from principle in the face of power. Past President of the organization Cathie Adams and current President Cindi Castilla are fearless, counted as friends, and deserve recognition for their work.

Concerned Women for America has also been a fierce advocate for sound public policy and worked this session to ensure all girls who play sports in Texas are protected from boys unfairly competing against them.

There are plenty of cultural fights to be had, and more fighters are needed. Calling out the bad actors needs to be paired with praising the good. Sorry, this was missing.

ELLEN TROXCLAIR is on the receiving end of yet another bizarre attack. This time she’s being accused of supporting mask mandates.

The assertion is based on a June 2020 interview where Troxclair, as an afterthought, said she hoped the City of Austin’s COVID policies would be successful.

Troxclair’s human hope for positive outcomes followed a two-minute exchange where she repeatedly ripped on the city’s activities, including the use of the word “ridiculous.” To twist a mild professional courtesy to former colleagues into support for their actions is a bad faith allegation.

The attacks on Troxclair are intended to drive up her political negatives, suggesting her opponents have polling showing Troxclair strongly positioned.

For whatever reason, Troxclair spooks the establishment, possibly because of long-term implications.

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