FRI brief 3.13.20

Corona and not the one you're thinking of

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JEFFREY CORONA, the son of former State Sen. John Corona, was booked into the Dallas County Jail in January on sexual assault of a child charges according to the People Newspapers, a partner of D Magazine.

COVID-19 is spreading and disrupting life for many. As has been the case since 2016, agenda-setting by the media is singular in its focus, Trump. 

Volumes could be filled with examples of cognitive dissonance in the name of adherence to the narrative dogma, and we're just getting started.

Take, for instance, this CNN article that, on its face, claims to be a message against panic but includes a shout out to COVID-19 as the "perfect killing machine."

The typical flu - at this point - in one way appears to be far worse than COVID in that it kills hundreds of children every year.

While comparing COVID-19 to the flu is a foolish position to take with the little data we have, this development is one to keep an eye on.

The common flu is a known quantity, with patterns and prescriptions, and while it's not the flu today, COVID-19 will likely have common flu status in a year.

Related: The media is putting an artificial timeframe on how COVID-19 will impact Trump.

BONNEN week continues with a random but insightful tweet from George Mifflin. House members know the score, but few outside Austin know this. 

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