FRI brief 6.10.21

Election shenanigans 2.0

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Today’s stories

GOVERNOR ABBOTT might be polling poorly on border security.

That’s certainly one explanation for his announcement yesterday that the state will be building its own wall on the border with Mexico.

The idea is cribbed from his political rival Don Huffines who, since announcing his challenge of Abbott, has been talking non-stop about the crisis on our border and what he would do as Governor to slow and stop the flow of illegal aliens.

It’s unclear what mechanism accomplishes this objective (build the wall), but it ought to be legislative since we’ll be having a special session in the next 30 days.

The ACLU has deemed Abbott’s move a stunt.

THE HOUSTON ENDOWMENT is sending grants to the Harris Co. elections office before new laws go into effect this fall. Private funds should not be used to run elections offices; it’s already illegal and undermines trust. Steve Hotze should sue.

MARIJUANA is an anti-social drug that can increase paranoia in users. So, of course, state lawmakers, in all their wisdom, opted to expand medical marijuana use to those who have PTSD.

These are folks who, in many cases, are already removing themselves from society and suffering from paranoia. According to the Department of Veteran Affairs:

There’s no evidence at this time that marijuana is an effective treatment for PTSD. In fact, research suggests that marijuana can be harmful to individuals with PTSD.”

America is a drug-addled nation. Texas should differentiate and reject the mainstreaming of substance abuse to cope with reality.

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