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Consent of the governed

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GOVERNOR ABBOTT, continuing on a theme, moved yesterday to limit elective medical procedures in four large counties, and pause reopening at current levels.

Today, the governor is closing bars, rolling back restaurant capacity, and over-regulating public gatherings.

At least one doctor in the DFW area is calling the governor's latest maneuvering a needless reaction and political posturing, and he's not alone "harshing the narrative."

Following dire reporting and handwriting about hospital capacity in Houston, leaders of the sprawling Texas Medical Center said the COVID surge is manageable.

As has been the case for the past week, cases continue to increase, but deaths are not keeping pace. This under-reported good news gets in the way of Abbott's reaction to fear porn habit.

While the governor has encouraged the use of face masks, he's stopped short of mandating use (more on this below). Tarrant County, after promising not to force masks wearing, has forced mask use.

It’s rumored that law enforcement isn’t interested in enforcing the nanny state mandate.

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REP JEFF LEACH (R-Plano) caught grief on social media for posting some face mask propaganda.

The issue of wearing facemasks could have been non-contentious, but elected officials intent on controlling the population have managed once again to taint the inane.

As with most "issues," it's not about the issue (masks), it's not about folks being uncaring. Rejection of masks is a reaction to being manipulated.

It would have been an easier sell before arbitrarily shutting down forests, locking up the hairstylist Shelley Luther, and banning tubing.

Constantly moving goalposts and manipulating leads to losing the consent of the governed.

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DONALD TRUMP could be well-positioned for November but is trailing and needs to get control of the slow-burning insurrection facing America, according to a commentary by Fox News personality Tucker Carlson.

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ALLEN WEST must be winning, is one way to interpret the uptick in attacks on the candidate for Chairman of the Texas GOP.

EDUCATION is going to change following the pandemic. This inescapable fact has unions and central planners scrambling to co-opt and pervert policies long called for by advocates for education reform.

Of course, their machinations will mean drastically higher unnecessary spending.

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