FRI brief 6.4.21

Phelan should be removed

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DADE PHELAN is on an island with his Democrat pals in the House (Rep. Dustin Burrows).

While the activist media has been working to pit the big three in Austin against one another, it’s not reality. Abbott and Patrick appear to be on the same page, have said SB7 can be passed as is, and have both, to varying degrees, been critical of the House.

After the session’s marquee election integrity bill was killed last week by Democrats busting quorum, Phelan has supported their decision (he likely knew about it ahead of time) and has focused his criticism instead on the Senate.

Rep. Burrows and Cody Harris are futility arguing that the House isn’t to blame for the failure that was SB7. They’re incorrect and taking the Speaker's side while he voices support for Democrat tactics and policies, yikes.

The Senate has a history of quickly passing meaningful election integrity legislation multiple sessions running only to run into the buzz saw of House leadership (‘17, ‘19, ‘21).

Dan Patrick is right to conclude the House and Phelan are to blame for the demise of SB7.

House Republicans need to be worked hard over continued support of Phelan.

Democrats fled to Oklahoma in 2000 to stop redistricting efforts of the Republican majority because apparently, “elections have consequences” is only meant to apply when Democrats win.

Democrats in the House have the assurances from Phelan that they will not be brought back to the chamber forcibly, putting all options on the table for the obstructionist minority.

Republicans don’t need Democrats to elect a Speaker of the House, and they should be held to account for supporting a Speaker who doesn’t prioritize their party’s interests.

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