FRI brief 7.17.20

Maybe there won't be a GOP convention?

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JAME DICKEY has cast himself in a one-man show, captain of the Titanic; only, in this case, the ship is the 2020 Republican Convention.

An emergency meeting of the SREC last night, while a complete disaster like all of its predecessors, was informative.

We now know that not only does the GOP not have a virtual system in place to run a smooth and secure convention, it also doesn't have a plan to reliably implement.

None of the backup plans (there are three) have scaled to the size of the Texas GOP Convention, so they are likely to be just as disastrous as the plan that we saw crash and burn yesterday and the day before.

Dickey again spent the night shooting down in-person options. Instead, an allied member of the SREC suggested and got passed a plan to give current RPT staff carte blanche to implement "a" (read: any) solution. Yikes, this is the same staff that has worked on a virtual backup for three months culminating in a nuked convention.

Meanwhile, surrogates for Dickey took to social media yesterday to throw members of the SREC under the bus for the abomination that has become the convention. The Chairman and his staff have planned, and bull guarded the virtual option from the SREC and crafted meetings to exclude alternative or remote in-person options.

Failing to have a technological solution in place after saying one was ready weeks ago as he was putting the kibosh on in-person solutions is on Dickey, not the SREC.

Members of the body who previously appeared to trust Dickey seemed to have figured out he's not trustworthy when it comes to assessing technological solutions (here's looking at you, Randy).

The convention will not start on Friday, but Saturday after the schedule was amended last night because the "staff is tired." Translation: we don't have a system that works.

At this point, it's more likely that this entire event will implode than there will be a convention.

The roosters have come home to roost.

MJ HEGAR, the Democrat candidate, running against Sen. John Cornyn, has reportedly said, "We cannot lecture China on their treatment of the Uyghurs," equating U.S. immigration policies to Uyghur concentration camps in China.

What a lunatic.

Cut to the video of probable genocide:

GREG ABBOTT has said that the state will not shut down a second time, this after threatening a shutdown in previous public remarks.

Recently, more elected officials have come forward and warned against a second hostage-at-home order. Senators Paul Bettencourt (R-Houston) and Brandon Creighton (R-) sent Abbott a letter this week on the matter.

TEXAS ALLIANCE FOR LIFE spent time yesterday criticizing abolishing abortion.

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