FRI brief 7.31.20

Reflexive reactions drive attention

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THE NOVEMBER ELECTION was never going to be delayed; folks just got played.

Yesterday, Trump did what he's been doing his entire life and to great effect since 2016, arresting the attention of the nation and media cycle with one tweet.

Virtue-signaling pansies hopped up to shadow box with this non-serious suggestion (???) meant to drive attention to potential/likely cheating in November.

It's a well-worn pattern. The left offers up a fear, says Trump is going to do something, he teases that he might, there’s a blow-up, he collects energy off the reaction, then he doesn't do follow through.

Since 2016 there have been claims that Trump would declare himself king, that he was a Russian puppet, that he would fire Mueller and Fauci to name a few. None of it ever happens, but the goading continues.

There's a method to the madness.

KEN PAXTON told the mayor of an Austin suburb that he could not further delay a local election to next year. Since Trump isn't on the city council, nobody can be bothered by this actual usurpation of constitutionally afforded rights.

GOVERNMENT EDUCATION GOONS are threatening to sue the state of Texas if they aren't paid to stay at home this fall.

Some school districts are extending the summer to September and then starting the school year virtually. Remember, virtual learning in the spring saw over 20% of students' ghost classes.

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