FRI brief 9.4.20

More mainstream gaslighting

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Today's stories

TEAM TRUMP is rolling across Texas on a bus tour to shore up support.

DEMOCRAT fake news machine goes brrr.

Anonymously sourced stories will be on tap from now until election day. Candidates and a party that are in the driver's seat don't need to make up stories that defy reality and contradict the record.

It is interesting watching the media strain to extend derision directed at a warmongering Republican political rival of the President to 2020.

This latest ploy, part of an unsettling trend, follows the contorted Russia-taliban-bounty story and Democrats suggesting the miltary might need to get involved in the 2020 election.

VACCINATIONS, like travel bans, masks, and quarantines related to coronavirus, are being politicized by the left. Power collection in every interaction is getting old.

Like news that doesn't comport with reality (see: mostly peaceful protest), non-stop gaslighting by Democrat leaders and their slavish media ghouls rely on infinite ignorance and an audience that doesn’t suffer fatigue.

The upper limits of both were reached some time ago.

GREG ABBOTT endorsee Sarah Davis (R-Houston) has been endorsed by Planned Parenthood.

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