MON brief 10.11.21

Trump elevates Dade Phelan

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DONALD TRUMP is elevating (negatively) Speaker Dade Phelan over the latter’s failure to pass election audit legislation.

Specifically, Trump threatened to back a primary challenger to Phelan. While the former president’s attention span leaves much to be desired, this is a potential game-changer if he follows through if he follows through.  Even if Phelan were to survive such a challenge, the attendant political damage would render him wounded as a speaker.

Whatever else you want to say about Trump, he’s popular in Beaumont and his endorsement over time has proven valuable.

DON HUFFINES, one of the three primary GOP challengers to Greg Abbott, ran statewide ads during Texas vs.. OU football game this weekend and flew planes over several stadiums.

Huffines, who has centered his campaign on illegal immigration and border security, sticking with the theme in both his T.V. spots and banner material.

Governor Abbott seemed to have fun at the Texas/OU game.  The Longhorns are now 2-5 in the Red River Showdown in his tenure as Governor.

Huffines, himself a Longhorn and a close friend with the McCoy family, might not have Abbott’s access to the Establishment Burnt Orange Money crowd. Still, Saturday’s loss is an opportunity for the challenger to probe for dissidents.

SOUTHWEST AIRLINES pilots appear to be causing massive disruptions to the Texas-based airline’s ability to conduct business.

Was a union taking up the new right’s position on vaccine mandates on your 2021 bingo card? Because that’s what’s happening on social media, and following the enemy of my enemy is my friend line of reasoning, it’s warranted support.

This is just the latest in a string of unlikely parings brought on by the federal government's overreach via the private sector. Another would be BLM (and NBA players) rejecting the illogical left’s position on mandates.

Collusion between the state and private enterprise has been alleged in lawsuits targeting Facebook and Twitter, a net might be expanded soon to include airlines. 


Saying this is now a mandate as the left proves hell-bent on the cancelation and replacement of this holiday with something, anything else. Some are going with Indigenous Peoples Day, or apparently, National Coming Out Day is also an option.

Let’s explore the former in Texas. If we take “indigenous peoples” to mean native American’s, the primary tribe to occupy the area that became Texas was the Commanches.

Known primarily for raping women and stealing horses, Commanche raids were a fact of life for Texian settlers from the pre-Revolutionary period, through the Republic of Texas days, and up into the 1870s. Nights with a full moon, known to Texans of that era as the “Comanche Moon,” were incredibly terrifying. Protection from Comanche Raids was a primary reason Texas joined the United States.

Texas Historian T.H. Fehenbach has more:

[T]heir favorite tactic was to strike deep into enemy territory, two or even three hundred miles or more away, kill, despoil (ie. rape), take prisoners, and gallop back to the trackless plains….The Texans had discovered they could not surrender to Indians, and they took no prisoners. (32,533)

The Comanches were eventually eradicated by the United States Army under General Sherman (yes, that General Sherman). In an escalating battle for cultural preservation celebrations of this accomplishment at Palo Duro Canyon have been suggested.

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