MON brief 10.12.20

Biden not winning, Abbott slipping

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JOE BIDEN is cutting back his ad spend in Texas, and with early voting starting tomorrow, he hasn’t visited the Lone Star state; both indicators it’s not actually in play. Poor polling for Democrats supplements this observed activity. Two non-partisan polls released last week showed Trump up by 5 and 7 points, respectively.

GREG ABBOTT has scheduled the SD 30 runoff election for December 19; (the latest possible date) allowing his preferred candidate as much time as possible to slander his female opponent.

Over the weekend, at least 200 Texans protested Governor Abbott’s shutdown orders in Austin. The Governor who enjoyed massive approval figures in 2018 when he was reelected has seen his stock with Texans tank.

THE WHO has come out to condemn lockdowns.

“The only thing lockdowns achieve is poverty.”

Weird timing. It might be buying stock early.

Anyway, Lina Hidalgo and Clayboy Jenkins are now on the wrong side of science and working against their poorest constituents.

MAIL-IN BALLOTS being dropped off in more than one location is still in limbo after a late Friday afternoon ruling allowed multiple location drops was stayed on appeal.

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