MON brief 10.26.20

Bizarro world persists

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POLLING and REALITY appear to conflict, again. Take the narrative that’s dominated the 2020 race, COVID19.

According to Bernie Sanders’ pollster, who appeared Friday on the Useful Idiots podcast, stated both Sanders and Biden were leading Trump by 9 to 10 points last year. Now, after coronavirus, we have the same poll numbers. Okay.

Meanwhile, Biden is hiding this week and Trump is once again holding massive rallies in swing states ala 2016.

Biden is not competitive in either Iowa or Ohio, despite conventional wisdom. He’s not popular with working-class voters. Also, he’s hemorrhaging black and Hispanic support. These are points that some on the left are willing to cede. Yet, the narrative is, just like in 2016, this election’s a blowout.

SENFRONIA THOMPSON (D-Houston) has launched her bid to be Speaker of the House. If Democrats don’t win enough House races to control the lower chamber (likely), hers will be an 11-day campaign.

POLLING showing Biden ahead of Trump in Texas from the new UT-Tyler venture has some strange data. One such oddity, according to the poll, rural voters are MORE likely to get a coronavirus vaccine than metro voters.

The left appears to have a difficult time with the suggestion that early voting, despite the early crush from 

DALLAS COUNTY has an election administration issue on its hands, surprise! According to multiple reports, there is a data mismatch between poll books and central records. As a result, some Dallas County voters have shown up to vote and been told they’ve already voted.

Last week, a Dallas man reported that he and his deceased wife’s identity were stolen to commit voter fraud.

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