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GENE WU got justified blowback from the public and colleagues after appearing to wish the President dead in a Friday evening Tweet. He's since deleted the tweet and others from his conniption fit.

Related: Texas is one of only three states reporting coronavirus declines.

KEN PAXTON appears to be in some more hot water. The Attorney General on Friday lost his right-hand Jeff Mateer and a slew of staffers who resigned and asked federal authorities to investigate their boss.

The news was broken by the Austin American Statesman and followed up with reporting from the Houston Chronicle on Sunday that linked the AG to an Austin based real estate bro whose office was raided by the FBI and state law enforcement last year.

How bad might this be? When swampy consultants start jumping ship, it isn't good.

The timing isn't great for the Texas GOP, with 29 days till the election. Still, this will likely not affect down-ballot races, and Paxton is not on the ballot this November (or likely in 2022).

DONALD TRUMP took an unannounced ride yesterday evening to thank supporters gathered outside of the Walter Reid Medical Center. The Commander in Chief has been receiving care after contracting COVID last week.

Consider the press and other TDS havers triggered.

The left is having a tough time threading the needle as it pertains to Trump having COVID. On the one hand, folks like the aforementioned Wu want to say Karma. This narrow view of the virus ignores the inconvenient and tragic truth that this virus from China has killed 200,000 Americans if Wu is consistent, Karama.

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