MON brief 3.23.20

A virus with working hours?

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CHINA is to blame for a global pandemic, and there will be little risk in assigning that blame in the weeks, months, and years to come.

This hasn't stopped race-baiting-opinionists from doing heavy lifting for the Communist regime. The preferred target for them is the bad orange man.

Engraining where the virus originated from is foundational to what comes next, decoupling from China. If the virus had come from New Zeland or Morocco, it would be irrelevant, but since it was exported from an enemy state that dominates supply lines, it matters a lot.

Who is excited for Mexico? This virus, though it is terrible and disrupting life, has the potential to reorganize supply chains and international relations in a way that massively favors our neighbors to the South.

The Wuhan Coronavirus is not the only killer China has been exporting to the U.S. Last year, 70,000+ Americans died from drug overdoses. Many of those deaths were at the hands of Chinese fentanyl.

The enemy has to be named to be fought.

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TEXAS PUBLIC POLICY FOUNDATION has released a recovery plan. Items included have long been advocated for by conservatives, and as it would so happen are being implemented to streamline aid during this current crisis.

The sooner folks start to think about what is going to happen next, the more prepared we'll be when the time comes. Because, and this will help with those still fixated on the virus, we will beat this and need to rebuild quickly.

Opportunities for improvement are abundant, and they may be here sooner than later, stay positive.

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POLITICAL MATTERS seems more trivial than usual, but there are items percolating to the top.

Texas Monthly is laboring, as the left has been since 2018, to turn Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo into AOC or the next Beto. She's neither.

AOC is a talent, one that establishment Democrats and honest Republicans have measured and fear. On review, Hidalgo's social media, communication, and persuasion skills are nowhere near AOC's.

So, while she'll have some advantages, including the press, it won't be enough to win in Texas. Just ask the Castro brothers, Wendy Davis and Beto O'Rourke.

MAIL-IN-BALLOTING is going to be litigated. If you missed the Saturday brief, Democrats on Friday sued to expand balloting by mail for the run-off election.

Democrats will likely get a friendly ruling from a Travis County judge, who along with liberal cohorts in Bexar county have been rewriting election code by judicial fiat.

Outside of Paul Bettencourt sending up trial balloons and the media suggesting that it was a live possibility, universal mail-in-balloting did not appear to be seriously under consideration.


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