MON brief 6.7.21

Down-ballot races

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Today’s stories

DON HUFFINES has a Trump-like trait that Abbott must envy.

No one owns Huffines. This was a unique selling proposition for Trump in the 2016 election and resonated with voters. Paired with plain-speak and the best branding since Hope and Change, Trump proved unstoppable.

Note that being one’s own man is such a compelling tact that Ted Cruz a while back announced he wouldn’t be taking PAC money any longer as he gears up for a second crack at the GOP nomination in 2024.

Like Cruz, Abbott is a political animal; he’s not his own boss; he has to dance with the one/s who brought him. It’s in part because of this that neither should be seen as contenders in 2024, and a point Huffines can’t stress often enough.

MATTIE PARKER, a Republican, is the new Mayor of Fort Worth.

That’s good news for Republicans after Deborah Peoples, who ran as a defund the police progressive, was being held out as a spoiler for the GOP in what Democrats hope will be a competitive area in the future.

The Parker win was muted a bit by Fort Worth city council races breaking to Democrat candidates, but these races weren’t won in landslides, and there remains a modicum of parity.

DEMOCRATS are slipping in the Valley.

After Trump’s solid performance in South Texas among Hispanic and Latino voters, it wasn’t all that surprising to see McAllen’s mayoral race go to a Republican.

These down-ballot races getting lots of attention need to be the new standard moving forward.

The local level is where the progressive left is laying down roots. George Soros is buying up district attorneys if a finer point needs to be placed on the issue.

LAWMAKERS left Austin a week ago today. That week represents a week longer than Governor Greg Abbott said they’d be gone if the election integrity emergency item wasn’t passed.

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