MON brief 7.19.21

Democrats are sick

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Today’s stories

DEMOCRAT members of the Texas House who fled the state in an attention-seeking gambit are coming down with COVID. Five of the runners in total have come down with the bug.

Get well soon, guys.

Chris Turner and his colleagues either haven’t received the memo or are too dense to understand that Democrats are overplaying their hand generally and aren’t in a position to force the nationalization of elections.

Sen. Manchin tried to clue them in last week, telling them to stop it with the “end the filibuster” nonsense.

Sen. Klobuchar has already signaled Democrats are pivoting to plan B, doing election funding in a reconciliation bill. That “high-stakes gambit has no guarantee of success,” and the bill would be doing far from normal heavy lifting if it’s trying to do amnesty, infrastructure, and elections.

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Meanwhile, attention is already turning to redistricting, a task delayed thanks to COVID19 and a census that was potentially fortified against population surges in Republican states.

When it comes to the once-in-a-decade task of line drawing, Democrats being absent doesn’t help their cause. If they aren’t around, it’s difficult to claim they did everything they could to draw maps they’ll claim aren’t fair.

GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS, it turns out, have been acting in bad faith.

Not convinced by Unions keeping schools shuttered and the teaching of CRT despite saying they aren’t? Here’s another example.

A lawsuit has been filed in Washington to prevent schools from vaccinating children without parental consent. What’s worse, schools want to be able to withhold information from vaccination records.

This past year has done tremendous damage to trust in government education monopoly, good.

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