MON brief 8.3.20

Debate, debate

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GOVERNMENT EDUCATION will have to reconvene according to an announcement from Governor Greg Abbott late last week. Predictably, the left is up in arms.

Houston County Judge Lina Hidalgo is not a fan of the announcement, saying Abbott is 'just wrong' about reopening schools during the pandemic.

Democrats are threading the needle on this issue as keeping kids out of schools harms poor and minority students and their parents. Republicans should make sure these folks understand who is inflicting the pain.

Meanwhile, in Arizona, elementary schools are being called what Shane Parrish has labeled them, daycares. On top of property taxes, parents are paying a fee to send kids to daycare.

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JOE BIDEN appears to have lost his ability to mentally function. Over the weekend, calls to keep him from appearing in debates against Trump saw a noticeable uptick.

The strategists who are running the campaign have to do this because Trump would destroy Biden, but avoiding debates will harm the campaign.

JAMES CLYBURN, like many on the left, has evoked some radical talking points when it comes to federal authorities quelling riots in Seattle.

Ironically, actual non-uniformed police officers in New York were caught on video snatching up protesters and putting them in vans last week. Democrat Mayor Bill De Blasio ordered this activity.

PRAYERS for the Howard, Munoz, and Otto families who lost loved ones last week.

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