MON brief 9.14.20

Hot crud streak from Straus continues

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Today's stories

BAYLOR is catching deserved flack for labeling a 9/11 memorial consisting of American flags as "sensitive content." The Young Conservatives of Texas installed the patriotic tribute.

JOE STRAUS is still making lousy policy suggestions, calling for the unnecessary and sure to disenfranchise universal expansion of mail-in balloting.

The former Representative from San Antonio was a proponent of ending straight-ticket voting and was given the bill as his parting gift from the legislature after failing to legalize expanded gambling in Texas.

It's disingenuous to suggest that other states have "solved" voting during the pandemic, especially to the extent that mail-in balloting is being leveraged.

There is zero truth to the talking point that voting by mail is entirely secure either from fraud or votes going uncounted due to the necessary security measures that make voting by mail more complicated than voting in person.

Increased participation via mail should not be conflated with access; there will be votes that go uncounted because they are lost or incorrectly submitted.

Election Reads

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JOE ROGAN, a popular podcaster, is escaping hippie-dippy California because of its costly policies, moving to Texas, and entertaining Texas becoming like California. No.

Texans should continue to reject brain dead get-rich-quick schemes that have set California and other states up for failure.

GOOGLE and other tech firms are doing what they can to get Joe Biden elected.

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