Monday morning brief 11.18.19

Dennis Bonnen drag

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Dennis Bonnen will harm Republicans in 2020. The Speaker, caught on tape plotting against members of the GOP and disparaging Democrats, is again catching flack after his Democrat ally Poncho Nevarez was busted last week for cocaine possession.

Bonnen has refused to remove Nevarez from his chairmanship of the Homeland Security and Public Safety, a move that has further upset members of the House and enraged conservative activists.

The Democrat impeach attempt has been a half-baked exercise from the start. Last week Democrats dropped “quid pro quo” and shifted messaging to “bribery” after polling showed no one speaks a dead language. Bribery may be more accessible vernacular, but it won’t help Democrats connect to the public they need to sway.

The hearings in the House are a publicity stunt meant to outrage Americans, but it lacks all the necessary elements. Noted leftwing commentator Krystal Ball agrees, “these hearings aren't going to move the public one bit.“

Personnel matter and anticipating future behavior is decipherable. Here’s what was written about the Ukraine leaker Eric Caramella in 2017.

Nothing in his resume indicates that Ciaramella will put America First, and his entire life arc indicates he will sabotage Trump and leak information to the press whenever possible.

Rodney Reed was given a stay of execution Friday. The convicted rapist and murder was set to be executed focus on Nov. 20. Last-minute contrivances have to lead to public interest and outcry to spare Reed. The post-conviction focus built on public relations campaign resembles that of Bernie Tiede. Still, some have argued Reed was fairly tried and should be executed. 

Ahead of 2020, Democrats ramp up executive pay criticisms (Boeing CEO, Citibank CEO)

An English teacher at Willis High School has recently made headlines for defending his school’s decision to bring in a crossdressing male stripper to spend a day with the kids.

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