Monday morning brief 11.25.19

Midland ISD election dumpster fire

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Midland ISDs bond election is a complete dumpster fire. Two weeks ago, an unofficial report showed a $569 million measure had passed. A week later, the measure was officially declared defeated.

A recount was conducted, and in the middle of the night on Saturday, the result was reversed again. The margin of victory was 11 votes, but there’s an 800 vote discrepancy in the final tally when compared to election night. Uh-oh.

Efforts to pass the bond were a heavy political lift for players on the pro-bond side, some of whom have a storied progressive-liberal background. The political extinction of the left in Texas can be exacted by getting rid of their tool, education unions.

Gun and second amendment protection opinions aren’t changing in Texas. The issue isn’t even gaining steam, which makes the actions of state GOP leaders more telling.

Despite media efforts to move the needle, recent polling indicates that politicized shootings haven’t changed attitudes about gun regulation in Texas.

Meaning, Governor Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick are launching gun control trial balloons on their own, without basis. At the same time, issues that poll well, border, and election security, for instance, have been neglected.

A culture of sex permeates politics. Relaying the workings of the Texas legislature of the early 1900s, author Robert Caro cites a familiar refrain to describe what ruled Austin at the time, booze, blondes, & beefsteak.

Nothing has changed in the last 100 years.

The booze might start to get handled after the revelation that Rep. Poncho Nevarez was ferrying cocaine to Austin on his private jet. Rep. Mayes Middleton has suggested lawmakers submit to drug testing.

As important as it is to snuff out substance abuse by elected officials, getting the dominant, and often abusive culture of sex under control is as crucial to the well being of both lawmakers and the individuals who work in and around the capitol.

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