Monday morning brief 1.13.20

Chick-Fil-A | Weed | Goaticorn sighting

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CHICK-FIl-A CEO Dan Cathy admitted the fast-food chain “inadvertently discredited" Christian groups after changing its giving strategy.

Notably, criticism of the restaurant chain by the far left didn't relent after a donation policy announcement cut off Christian organizations, including the Salvation Army and Fellowship of Christian Athletes. If only there were a way to make it right.

Meanwhile, a lawsuit against the City of San Antonio is proceeding after the city failed to get it thrown out of court last week.

MARIJUANA possession could be greenlit in Austin, thanks to the legalization of hemp during the last legislative session. Lawmakers in Austin, wary of many things, ignored warnings that HB 1325 could be the thin end of the wedge to defacto legalized weed in Texas.

Of course, the hazy opening created by the passage of this bill was (among many others) quickly recognized as an issue in need of a special session. Gov. Abbott has ignored these calls and instead issued letters and directives pushing and possibly exceeding the limits of his office’s powers.

The big winners here are Mexican cartels and their stateside pushers.

DIFFERENTIATION is elusive in most GOP primaries, especially when there aren’t voting records to compare. In the case of five Republicans running in House District 47, distinctive positions have emerged.

Justin Berry (police officer) - pro-police

Jennifer Fleck (attorney) - opposes liberalization of sex education

Jenny Forgey (attorney) - fiscally conservative and socially moderate

Aaron Reitz (attorney) - restricting city authority

Don Zimmerman - reining in city ordinances, pro-life

Sidenote: Forgey is playing unicorn, there’s no such thing as a conservative liberal.

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