Monday morning brief 12.2.19

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Beto O’Rourke loves attention. Over the weekend, the failed candidate tweeted support for FLIP the Texas House, a Democrat effort to win the 9+ seats needed to put Democrats in the majority in the lower chamber in 2021.

Impeachment isn’t looking good for Democrats. Before the Thanksgiving holiday, it was reported that polling shows the process has independents turned off.

Then, Michigan Democratic Rep. Brenda Lawrence suggested a censure instead of impeachment. She later walked her comments back, but that peek behind the curtain shows the fear many in her party are experiencing.

Finally, Will Hurd, an anti-Trump Republican from Texas, said he heard no evidence of bribery after House hearings. Hurd, who has been a detractor of Trumps from jump street, was a GOP member Democrats had hoped would defect.

Black voters increasingly favor Donald Trump according to not one, or two, but three polls. Conducted in the past couple of months, these polls from PBS/NPR, Rassumsen, and Emmerson so Trump’s approval rating with black voters over 30%.

Before the third poll was added, anti-Trump Republicans doubted the veracity of Trump’s growing popularity among black voters. Two days ago, the billionaire founder of BET said ‘no current Democratic contender can beat Trump.’

The Legislative Budget Board doesn’t usually get play in the media. Still, following an anonymously sourced article published by Texas Tribune, and a statewide editorial push, Lt. Governor Patrick has issued a response.

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