Monday morning brief 12.9.19

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IMPEACHMENT is helping Trump

REPUBLICAN retirements have less to do with electoral prospects than other factors, including terming out of committee leadership positions. Messaging from the left suggesting retirements, are a sign Democrats will fare well in 2020 aren’t accurate.

DALLAS MAYOR ERIC JOHNSON is suing Texas to hide his calendar. Requests for official schedules are routinely released, Johnson is fighting to keep his hidden with a “vague assertions of risk.”

MIDLAND ISD’s bond election is a saga that refuses to quit. Over the weekend, the election administrator announced that the recount conducted over Thanksgiving was inaccurate, once again undermining trust in the election.

CAMPAIGN FUND use by former State Rep. Jason Isaac is being questioned, which may have less to do with Jason and more to do with his wife. Jason Isaac left the legislature after four sessions to run for congress. His wife Carrie Isaac is running for the state representative seat Jason held now occupied by Democrat Erin Zwiener.

DEMOCRATS are shrinking their tent. There is no place for pro-life Dems anymore. Is the same soon to be true of guns?

Gone are the days when Democrats pretended to be gun-toting Second Amendment enthusiasts, in the hopes of making inroads in purple states such as Virginia or regions such as the Rocky Mountain West.

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