Thursday morning brief 11.14.19

Cocaine at the Capitol

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On to today’s stories.

Direct Action Texas reports that Poncho Nevarez (D-Eagle Pass) is believed to have dropped an envelope filled with cocaine outside an Austin airport. Nevarez, whose district borders Mexico, announced he would not be seeking reelection on November 6. This might explain the sudden departure. DAT notes that the mainstream media appears to have been uninterested in the story.

Convicted rapist and murderer Rodney Reed is getting big names to call for a reprieve, he’s set to be executed in less than a week. Matt Beebe in the Federalist writes, “No, There’s Not ‘New Evidence’ To Exonerate Rodney Reed, And His Execution Should Proceed.”

Buzzfeed perpetuated myths this week writing that tight elections in 2018 and the departure of six GOP members of Texas’ congressional delegation are signs that politics in Texas are shifting. In context, headed into 2020, the GOP is likely fine. stronger than it was in Texas a decade ago when Republicans held a two-seat margin in the House headed into the election immediately preceding redistricting.

The well-worn suggestion that demographic changes spell doom for Republicans is just as wrong as they have been for the last two decades. That’s how long the Hispanic population has been surging in the Lone Star State along with GOP majorities and a clean sweep of statewide offices

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