THU brief 10.1.20

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Today's stories

THE ALAMO remains under siege.

A committee of progressive activists charged with reimaging (aka desecrating) the Alamo remains undeterred despite recent defeats. The group of ne'er-do-wells is openly exploring legal action ($) to wrest control of the site from the state.

There's a 90-page plan to overhaul the Alamo; it's a Dan Patrick punching bag and might comprise a large part of his re-election bid.

ISPs are positioning for subsidies ahead of the legislative session. Talks of increased funding (from the state or feds) shouldn't start before protections for Texas children and trafficking are in place.

In addition to reporting (like this), 90 lawmakers recently sent a letter to Gov. Greg Abbott calling for a state broadband plan. Justification for increased funding is in part "for the kids." Protecting kids with access to high-speed internet from child sex pornography and trafficking should come before any handouts are offered.

JOE STRAUS is peddling a myth ($) that appeals to independents wins elections. This isn't true. A motivated base propels candidates to victory.

Squarely in the never-Trumper crowd, Straus prefers candidates like Mittens and McCain, who, despite not being near as universally derided as Trump, and appealing to independents, still lost.

BETO appearing on a Bernie Sanders Zoom suggested that President Trump can not challenge questionable election results in Texas.

Given the desperation and brazen Democrat efforts to subvert Texas election law, there are likely to be irregularities and illegalities that lead to challenged results.

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