THU brief 10.15.20

Less than 1% folks

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VOTING continued yesterday, but turnout is up under 1% in Texas 10 largest counties over the 2016 election after two days.

While it remains to be seen if this early energy will run the entirety of the election, the path Democrats have chosen to try and eke out a win in Texas is clear, and it runs through Harris County.

The anomalous turnout in the state’s largest county is due to a partisan election administrator and his staff, a liklely misuse of public funds for politicking and illegal activity.

Access in Harris Co. hasn’t increased since everyone voting in 2020 had access to all prior elections. What has increased are violations of election law, breaking the ballot's secrecy, and exposure to fraud.

Related: Bexar Co. ordered to add voting locations.

ISPs continue to grease the wheels ahead of 2021. An American Prospect piece poses the argument that broadband access should be a utility. Maybe.

The internet yesterday was used to limit free speech and slant the political playing field to the left's preferred candidate.

The internets continue to pose a clear and present threat to women and children's health and safety via trafficking, pedophilia, and child porn.

If the local, state and federal governments insist on plowing public funding into the internet, there have to be protections against the vulnerable's curtailment of ideas and abuse of the most vulnerable among us.

JOE BIDEN didn’t come to Texas. Surrogates are not the same thing as a candidate making an appearance, especially as it pertains to competitive advantage. Someone tell Jeremy Wallace he’s confused.

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