THU brief 10.7.21

Flailing Fallon & Spinning Abbott

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Today’s stories

PAT FALLON is flailing in defense of his gambit to make women register for the draft, to the point where he’s now sending snotty social media messages to private citizens.

This is on-brand for Fallon, caught last year on tape attempting to browbeat Shelley Luther during the latter’s campaign for Texas Senate.  Fallon’s thin skin has become almost cartoonish.

During his time in the Texas legislature, Fallon’s ambition kept the darker aspects of his personality in check.  He couldn’t alienate people if he wanted to move up the political ladder.  Now that he’s “stuck” in Congress, his uglier side comes out.  Expect an over-the-top attempt to mend fences whenever Fallon ultimately runs statewide.

There’s an almost “Lyndon Johnson-Esque” quality to how Pat Fallon shifts between manic ambition and angry brooding.  That’s not a compliment.

THE HEARTBEAT ACT was dealt a temporary setback yesterday when a reliably liberal Austin jurist stayed the law. On appeal to the Fifth Circuit, this lower court ruling is expected by many to be overturned.

A HOUSE COMMITTEE along party lines has advanced HB 25, a measure to protect girls in high school sports from unfair competition. Conservative activists don’t believe the bill goes far enough as it doesn’t apply to all women’s sports, including collegiate-level athletics.

The bill by Valoree Swanson requires student-athletes to compete on teams that correspond with the sex listed on their birth certificate. If passed in this form, it’s a law that will almost immediately need to be amended since birth certificates now and for some time have listed more than two sexes.

GREG ABBOTT held a photo op at the border with several Republican Governors.  Ostensibly to promote the Republican Governors Association’s Border Security “policy framework,” in reality, the event is designed to elicit favorable coverage on Fox News.

If you read the RGA document linked above, you’ll find it long on buzzwords and short on specifics. Meanwhile, when asked about what actions he would take to secure the border, Abbott deflected blame onto Biden.

Typical Abbott.

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