THU brief 10.8.20

Election meddling continues

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Today’s stories

SCOTX yesterday ruled that Harris County can NOT send mail-in ballot applications to all of the county's registered voters, a move that would assuredly lead to non-compliance with state law.

The court also bounced a lawsuit by prominent Republicans who sued to undo an expansion of early voting. Historically, the GOP performs better in early voting.

GREG ABBOTT punted on allowing bars to reopen yesterday after teasing a big announcement fully. Instead, Abbott deferred to county officials in many cases, Democrats.

Abbott’s legacy is quickly moving toward openly empowering Democrats, a disqualifier for presidential aspirations.

ELECTION meddling by the left continues. It was announced yesterday that the next presidential debate would be held virtually.

President Trump has said he won’t participate, which is probably just as well. After the first debate, the commission in charge of presidential debates appeared bent on rigging subsequent encounters. This is part of that manipulation.

BLM RIOTING in suburban Wisconsin continues. The enemy of the people is dividing the country to benefit Biden, Harris, and the bureaucratic-state.

DEMOCRATS are making ad buys in South Texas and targeting black voters. The party claims this is because the state is in play, but it may just as likely be that enthusiasm is lagging, which will lead to a hit in turnout.

To make up for lost votes in areas of the state saturated with political messages, the Democrats are kicking over rocks to rustle up votes.

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