THU brief 11.11.21

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GREG ABBOTT’s attempt to ban masks at Texas public schools has been overturned by a federal district judge.

The Fifth Circuit is likely to bail Abbott out politically (the way they did with Biden’s vaccine mandate); in the meantime, he’ll be pilloried in the national media. This discussion is even occurring illustrates Abbott’s real-world impotence (in contrast to the fantasy he sells on Fox News).

The likely to be appealed ruling will again force kiddos into masks and require parents to fight the oppressive face diapers. Worse, now that that big pharma has approval to jab kids, masks will be used as leverage to coerce vaccination.

Similar to vaccine mandates, this was an issue that ought to have been legislated but was not on account of poor leadership, chiefly from Abbott and Speaker of the House Dade Phelan.

AMERICAN PRINCIPLES PROJECT has announced the launch of a Texas office to advance pro-family values.

Despite strong Republican majorities in Texas and a lock on political leadership for going on 20 years, there’s been hesitation by lawmakers to fight for traditionally held values. The group is focused on blazing new trails in the reclamation of the culture.

Protecting kids from pornography, transgender lunacy, and CRT indoctrination are all issues the group has said it will aggressively pursue, which can’t be said of the incumbents in the family principles space.

One such incumbent, Texas Values, is hemorrhaging grassroots credibility. Texas Values received grassroots pushback for declaring two adulterers “Faith and Family Champions.” Further examination reveals that they likewise bestowed the designation on, well, this guy.

Honestly, it’s astonishing that national LGBT groups have yet to pick this low-hanging hypocritical fruit.

Meanwhile, despite Saenz's previously stated " Strong Opposition, " he recently attended a political fundraiser with Speaker Dade Phelan, despite Saenz’s previously stated “Strong Opposition.” Following pushback over the Hefner/Hull designation, the Saenz/Phelan fundraiser pictures were scrubbed from the internet. Not scrubbed enough, however:

Given that the establishment doesn’t want this photo in circulation, we recommend readers save a copy offline.

The TEXAS GOP appears to be angling for a fourth special session to last only four days and be spent entirely on banning vaccine mandates.

It would be a wasted opportunity to address just one item, so, in keeping with the four messaging theme, here are the four items that the legislature should address in the four-day fourth special session.

  1. Ban vaccine & mask mandates

  2. Abolish the M&O property tax

  3. Fix election law SB1 screw-ups

  4. Tax money wires to Mexico & S. America

Legislation on each of these items was either introduced in 2021 or could immediately be borrowed from Oklahoma (sorry, Longhorn fans) in the case of taxing wire transfers.

Also, a special call to cut property taxes, which the left wants to steal as an issue in 2022, would force Democrats back to town.

Related: Big Spring bans vaccine mandates within city limits

ALLEN WEST might be headed for earned media after he flicked the mask off of a stranger who accosted him at the airport.

The Hill reported this morning that the man who was verbally haranguing and physically near enough to West to have his mask removed (read, too close) wants to press charges.

Without necessarily defending West’s behavior, which was juvenile, this incident illustrates how poorly national media understands internal GOP politics. Coverage of this event will do nothing but increase West’s appeal in the 2022 primary.

COLLEYVILLE ISD has fired a principal accused of unapologetically indoctrinating students.

The ranks of Texas schools are filled with teachers, librarians, principals, and administrators who will not stop with their agenda of pushing destructive woke ideology on impressionable minds.

Parents need to be vigilant.

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