THU brief 11.18.21 (delayed)

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Today’s Stories

SOUTH TEXAS continues to produce interesting political plotlines.

Plenty of keyboard strokes have been and will continue to be, spilled on the migration of conservative-leaning South Texas Hispanics (not “Latinx”) into the GOP. Three stories from this week, however, suggest Democrats are determined to accelerate the process.

The issues of abortion, border chaos, and hostility to fossil fuels represent the core of this drive.

EDUCATION continues to be a concern of Texans and Representatives of the state at the federal level. Here are today’s links

  • Along with nine GOP colleagues from Texas, Chip Roy called for the Texas Association of School Boards to exit their national parent organization.

  • Tyler ISD parents have identified pornographic content in school libraries.

  • The ignorati have tried to equate the educating of children to performing surgery. The elites do not want parents interfering in the education of kids.

THE MEDIA is busying itself with hyping O’Rourke.

Multiple outlets lauded a reported $2 million haul in the two days following his announced run for governor.

An alternative headline conveying his situation might read, “Only $53 Million to Go.” A few news outlets lead with the cash disparity in a hypothetical O’Rourke vs. Abbott matchup, while others included the context inline. This can serve as a hedge on the hype or goad further giving.

Further historical context on the haul, O’Rourke, in his 2020 presidential bid challenge, raised three times as much in 24 hours.

Hey, Alexa, play Celine Dion The Grift Will Go On.

Coverage in the press will be used to rile up the GOP base ahead of 2022.

One other note, O’Rourke is working hard to sound reasonable. It’s probably too late for this tact. He’s a known entity O’Rourke 2018 and Obama 2008 only works once.

Related: Abbott group goes TEC complaint route

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