THU brief 11.5.20

On the brink

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DADE PHELAN held a talk-at-the-press event yesterday where he announced the Speaker’s race is over. Shortly after the event, a couple of his colleagues issued public statements contradicting Phelan’s remarks.

The Phelan play is the Bonnen play, just less convincing.

At the press conference, Phelan was all by himself, didn’t take questions, and his announcement wasn’t accompanied by an outpouring of public support on social media like events to boost Bonnen.

Phelan may well end up being the Speaker, but the opposition to this maneuver appears slightly more robust.

Similar to Bonnen, Phelan has long been considered the Abbott pick.

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THE 2020 ELECTION should mark the end of mail-in balloting.

The practice is marred with inefficiencies that don’t occur with in-person voting. With mail balloting, fraud and the specter of fraud abound. These deficiencies add to distrust in the process and, therefore, the result.

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One more thing, the USPS did a sweep of facilities for mail-in ballots that were completed late Tuesday. Judge Emmet Sullivan, the same judge who appears to have a personal vendetta against General Michael Flynn is mad about the timing of the sweeps. Sullivan shouldn’t be anywhere near the election, it reeks of conflict.

EDUCATION LOBBYISTS masquerading as concerned citizens are trying to hogtie Republicans following the election. It’s a goofball move.

The Coronavirus has exposed the soft underbelly of a flawed education system in Texas. Our current monopolistic model does not do justice by any of the interested constituencies (kids, parents, teachers) just administrators and contractors.

LEGALIZING WEED isn't going to noticeably help Texas’ bottom line and it might take Republicans out at the knees electorally in 2022 or 2024.

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