THU brief 3.19.20

Bats, snakes and dogs on the menu?

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GOVERNOR ABBOTT gets no credit for anything he's doing to lessen the impact of COVID19 on Texas citizens, according to a prominent Democrat operative.

Acting in bad faith describes too many Democrats right now, Matt Angle and his cronies, Rafael Anchia chief among them. Compare these two to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, who yesterday praised Donald Trump for his quick response to COVID19.

COVID19 is further illuminating the erosion of trust in the media. A majority of Americans say the press has exaggerated COVID19 risk

Meanwhile, new cases of infection are begining to level out in Italy, following a steep increase begining in early March and China is reporting (insert grain of salt here) zero new cases.

It remains to be seen how the virus will run its course in the U.S. Setting policy based on data from a cruise ship, and third world countries may, in retrospect, prove to have been a mistake.

JOHN CORNYN went full Walter Matthau on China. Also, don't eat bats, snakes, or dogs. Let's #decouple.

DISASTER DECLARATIONS have been streaming out of the Governor's office for the past week. Yesterday, Abbott green-lit to-go booze.

Since the first declaration dropped, policy and political observers have noted that all are fair game for permanence once the state of emergency has ended.

This is why each waiver, expansion, or bailout must be carefully considered, not haphazardly issued.

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