THU brief 3.26.20

Democrats sue to kill

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OVER by EASTER is doable but might not be soon enough to pull large swaths of the economy back from the brink.

Related: Texas is staring at double-digit unemployment.

Also, it might be time to stop with the Italy comparisons. There are several reasons why comparing Italy to America, or even Texas is a fool's errand.

The quality of our healthcare system, population density, distancing, pre-quarantined elderly populations in the U.S., treatment intel advantage (don’t dose patients with Advil), and American wealth/firepower all contribute to correct thinking that this is an apple to orange comparison.

Politically, there have been indications the flu fever would break sooner than later. The second that Pelosi and Schumer started playing games with the stimulus bill was the second the countdown to the end began.

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ABORTION providers are suing the state to continue killing babies in utero.

Texas Democrats are trading their pics-with-granny moral high ground for the more a familiar pit filled with dismembered babies.

Unlike abortion, keeping and bear arms is a constitutional right. Gun-grabbing local authorities like Clay Jenkins bent on limiting the second amendment, should be sued.

Meanwhile, the left-leaning blog Above the law is taking a run at Hobby Lobby for remaining open during the Wuhan Virus outbreak. Supplies sold at Hobby Lobby are being used to make masks, and any mask is better than no mask.


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