THU brief 5.3.21

Abbott not inoculated

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BETO O’ROUKE’s ego is so severely damaged after three straight years of losing he’s making future runs contingent on permanently rigged elections.

The position is tell about S.R. 1 and the shenanigans deployed in 2020.

The 2020 election featured election administration practices aimed alternately at lowering Republican turnout while increasing Democrat turnout. Corporate money was flooded to election administrators who arbitrarily and without legal authority jerry-rigged election processes to accomplish this task.

These systemic advantages are mirrored and more in S.R. 1, the Democrats manic overreaching election bill currently jammed up in the Senate. O’Rourke needs these affirmative actions even to be close to being competitive moving forward.

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GREG ABBOTT endorsed in the Fort Worth Mayoral election yesterday. Mattie Parker, his chosen candidate, is pro-police while Debra Peoples is in camp defund.

The runoff election taking place in Fort Worth has a higher than average likelihood of fraud based on suspicious voting patterns in the first round.

Is it possible Abbott knows this and will use an investigation as grounds to advance an election integrity bill during upcoming special sessions, or maybe the polling is clear and convincing?

Speaking of endorsements…

DONALD TRUMP’s endorsement of Greg Abbott, done quickly after the session, was meant to be an exercise in field clearing, but that ship has already sailed.

While incumbency is powerful, and Abbott should be handicapped to win, several extenuating circumstances degrade the probability of an easy path to victory. Included are the resolution of special sessions (the need for which is already being used to ding Abbott’s leadership skills), delayed primary elections, additional challengers, and any October surprises.

Plus, it remains to be seen how significantly a Trump endorsement of a known quantity moves the needle. In down-ballot races where none of the candidates are particularly well known (i.e., the CD6 special election), his endorsement serves to define what is ill-defined. Abbott, to many (if not most), is well defined.

Articles trying to imbue inevitability to Abbott are analogous to George W. Bush standing in front of the mission accomplished banner; they’re premature and can be ignored.

Abbott hasn’t inoculated himself from attacks based on executive actions taken and, after historical pattycake treatment, Fox News pundits appear to have wised up to the truth that not everything is more conservative in Texas.

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