THU brief 6.10.21

Sid Miller | Betsy Price | Ken Paxton

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Today’s stories

SID MILLER is still weighing a run for Governor. With the current field likely to grow in the coming weeks, a Miller run would assure a run-off in 2022.

As he tests the water ahead of a potential run, Miller is making the case that Abbott can’t be reelected in the general election, in part because of the carnival workers he put out of work in 2020 but also because of the mishandling of the February freeze and the legislative session.

In addition to his remarks on a gubernatorial run during a radio interview yesterday, Miller elaborated on the dust-up between himself and Chairman Dustin Burrows over gender modification of minors.

According to Miller, Burrows bears responsibility for killing the gender modification bill in the House. Miller said Burrows now takes his orders from Phelan; before that, bowing to Bonnen and at all times an Abbott errand boy.

BETSY PRICE’s team just got done clowning around in the Forth Worth local elections, resulting in the council slipping to Democrat control. Yesterday, the RINO former mayor announced she’s running for Tarrant County Judge.

KEN PAXTON is facing a state bar investigation but is it a step too far?

Paxton has been an easy target for not only Democrats but establishment Republicans his entire term as Attorney General. From his business dealings to handling his office to personal failings Paxton has made attacking easy.

Still, while he isn’t without blemish, should he be disbarred for challenging the 2020 election? No.

The 2020 election was a farce, interfered with by big tech corporations to achieve the desired outcome. The result isn’t trusted by most Americans, and everything that takes place at the national level is happening against this backdrop, undermining credibility.

Further, SCOTUS punting on election cases was a massive mistake and added distrust of the judiciary to growing distrust of the election process.

Setting the election aside, it’ll be interesting to see if Texans even know about Paxton’s baggage in sufficient numbers to impact the race.

Tangentially, if Eva Guzman, who retired from SCOTX last week, runs for Attorney General on identity, she’ll lose. [prediction] Guzman reportedly tells friends she’d like to be the first woman AG in Texas. While a female AG would be great (how about a female Speaker or Lt. Governor as well) running on identity is a bad idea, ask Hillary and Kamala.

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