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#ABBOTTRESIGN was trending nationwide on Twitter yesterday, as the governor continues to catch flack for his handling of COVID-19.

Despite rising infections over more than a two-week window (16 days) following mass protests/rioting and continued spread in the prison population, Texas' death rate is still trending down.

Right now, the reasons for the divergence are unknown. It might be that the virus is getting weaker or that treatment has improved or the folks catching the bug are healthier.

In any case, as long as higher case counts aren’t corresponding to stressed hospital systems (capacity remains robust outside Houston) Texas is on point, flattening the curve.

Then there’s this, research from UT suggests COVID-19 infections could be two or three or four or five times higher than the official count. Setting aside the fuzzy math of this "research" it is likely there are more cases out there than are being detected. This again is good news as long as hospitals don’t get slammed and people don’t die.

TARRANT COUNTY appeared positioned early yesterday to stave off a mandatory countywide mask order, but as the day progressed, that position seemed to change

MANSFIELD ISD voted against an LGBTQ nondiscrimination measure this week. Following the SCOTUS ruling, leftists are proactively pushing to expand power in Texas. 

AARON HARRIS, Lance Gooden's chief of staff, has filed FEC papers for the race to replace John Ratcliffe.


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