THU brief 7.21.20

Pod almighty, free at last

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TEXAS CHILDREN are being harmed by government education (gov-ed) unions working to maintain power, let's explore.

Predictably, perhaps rationally, unions are clamoring for schools to remain closed. At the same time, they don't want parents to create education 'pods' where small groups of kids (maybe 12) share a teacher outside of the gov-ed system.

Think of these pods as a multi-family home school.

Interest in pods, labeled the latest instance of white flight by the wokest folks on earth at the Washington Post, has exploded as parents look for ways to better educate their children in the midst/wake of COVID19.

Could this situation be de-stratified? Sure, just give parents (white, black, brown, whoever) the cash to make educated choices about education.

Of course, this solution is anathema to the kool-aid drinking gov-ed crowd. And just like that, thanks to this Catch-22 set of circumstances, Texans are afforded a view of what education is all about to the gov-ed cartel, funding, power, and control, not educating or keeping people healthy.

So far, the best solution the gov-ed lobby has offered up is virtual. Great, if virtual is the answer, there's nothing to fear, but based on the push back to pods, the gov-ed lackey’s know better.

Even if the coronavirus wasn't making a come back just in time for the school year, some parents were going to alter junior's education after being exposed to the shortcomings of gov-ed this past spring.

The identified deficits in education aren't to do with teachers but with the curriculum and rigidity of the gov-ed model.

ICYMI, here's what New York resident, left of center smart guy Shane Parrish had to say about his kid's education.

“I’m struggling with the realization that the education system, at least in elementary school is largely just organized daycare.”

I think that's called getting red-pilled.

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COVID19 is still getting defined. South Korean epidemiologists have found that coronavirus is most likely to spread within households.

BETO O'ROURKE is doing classic projection when he says the GOP in Texas is a 'death cult' in its handling of the coronavirus.

We're all familiar with abortion, Beto. Unlike a virus, which despite popular opinion, can't be controlled, we can decide not to kill the unborn.

Democrats have a monopoly on the death cult.

GREG ABBOTT is surging resources at you RGV. Weird choice of words. Is it polling or COVID on the brain? Speaking of polls, Abbott thinks they are off, as they were in 2016. Agree.

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