THU brief 7.22.21

Take the L Rick

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THE TEXAS HOUSE GOP CAUCUS conducted a poll on the Democrats quorum break, and the results appear negative for Democrats.

Respondents were asked if they supported re-election for Democrats who fled the state; 35.4% said they would re-elect the fugitives, and 57% said they wouldn’t. Hispanics and Independents approved and disapproved at similar margins to these overall figures.

Democrats (a handful at least) likely know their stunt isn’t popular, see that they’ve burned through their celebrity status, and are either trickling back or making plans to return to Texas.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden, during a bizarre town hall last night, put another nail in the coffin of Democrats wishing for a ditched filibuster. Biden stated folks would turn out to vote regardless of the state of election law, something he said in defense of current filibuster rules.

BRISCOE CAIN took heat yesterday on social media for calling the League of Women Voters “nothing more than a fake non-partisan organization carrying water for the socialist wing of the Democrat party.”

He’s right.

GREG ABBOTT has ruled out another mask mandate, saying the time has come for individual responsibility. Yes, but how does his position jive with new laws on pandemics and Texans keeping to CDC guidelines?

His position on this comes when several high-profile Republicans and some typically conservative-aligned voices have vocally called for folks to get vaccinated. Mitch McConnell in the former category and Sean Hannity and Ron DeSantis in the latter are included.

While the calls are from trusted voices, the energy is off, and timing suspect with will harm the persuasive power of the pleas.

RICK PERRY claims President Trump was sold a “false bill of goods” before endorsing Susan Wright, the widow of former Congressman Ron Wright, in a special election for his vacated seat.

According to the DMN, Perry contends that Club for Growth seeking the endorsement of Wright, told President Trump that Jake Ellzey is a never-Trump RINO.

Perry is backing Ellzey, who in his freshman session in the Texas House scored a miserable 52 on the Fiscal Responsibility Index.

It seems like the President got a sound bill of goods and made the right decision. Take the L Rick.

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