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Weinstein rocks

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TED CRUZ hosted Eric Weinstein on the latest episode of his podcast, Verdict. It was a third of the length that it should have been, and while rushing Weinstein was a mistake, the pair covered some important ground.

If you've listened to Weinstein ever, you'll know he's not a fan of immigration laws that impact the ability of Americans to enter academia and economically thrive.

Weinstein points out; there's nothing xenophobic about this position, nor in fact is there with the popularly held belief that blue-collar American workers exist to fill jobs in manufacturing, agriculture, construction, or any other sector.

The immigration system has been effectively rigged to maintain and transfer wealth (beginning in 1971, according to Weinstein) at the expense of Americans, stagnating growth.

Cruz and Weinstein discussed the polarizing-cede-no-ground style of politics we currently entertain, not to the detriment of either party but the health of our Republic.

These tactics can be traced back to before the 1960s but become more prevalent during the reign of LBJ, whose administration saw the first hostile vetting of a Supreme Court justice. Fortas was Borked before Bork.

The talk between Cruz and Weinstein is a welcome affront to what Weinstein calls the Gated Institutional Narrative.

Speaking of institutional narratives.

MAINSTREAM MEDIA's narrative and big brother's shut down of all things hydroxychloroquine is disturbing.

This week a group of doctors held a press conference to tout the new use of hydroxychloroquine with a handful of other widely available (read cheap) drugs to slow the progression of COVID19 and allow for the immune system to fight the disease.

Predictably, these doctors are personally attacked for odd individual beliefs that do not detract from their medical opinions or observations. Also, big tech bros are censoring content, a practice that's been blatant during the pandemic.

Both of these behaviors are unsettling and show no signs of abating.

To wit, yesterday, Congress hosted the overlords of the internet in a virtual professional wrestling match unlikely to lead to any meaningful curtailment of their monopolistic power being used to suppress speech.

Related: Herd immunity in India, not from shutdowns 

But the findings from Mumbai’s slums, where the population is young and less predisposed to severe cases of Covid-19, may support public health strategies more focused on protecting the vulnerable without trying to suppress the virus completely.

ALLEN WEST is elevating the office of Chairman of the Texas GOP.

This week West traveled to see President Trump in Midland with former Governor Rick Perry and a handful of Congressional candidates and invited Joe Rogan to talk about how Texas is better than California.

West is ascendant; current high-profile elected officials in Texas are descendant and nearer the exit.

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