THU brief 9.10.20

Abbott rolls out defund the police cover

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GREG ABBOTT is carving out an issue ahead of the November election and the 2021 session, funding the police.

Yesterday, Abbott called on elected officials to post to social media a signed pledge to maintain law enforcement funding in Texas. He set a 24-hour deadline.

This is a red meat issue that obviously polls well, or Abbott would not be pursuing it less than 54 days from the general election.

Democrats, though they downplayed the initiative in a press release, know defunding the police/public safety is hurting them in the coveted suburbs.

BUDGET wrangling ahead of the general election, and the 2021 session continues.

A leak to the American Statesman last week kicked us off, followed by a healthy amount of social media activity, which has escalated to op-eds this week.

Yesterday, Rep. Donna Howard advocated against cutting the budget, suggesting that spending less will end with Texans being "sacrificed." It's anticipated retread hyperbole from lean sessions past.

The public relations plan is simple, make the tiny cut of less than 1% of the budget hurt to protect the 99% that might be examined and yield cuts that don't directly impact kids, first responders, or the weakest/neediest Texans.

BOB WOODWARD's revelations that Trump was a leader aren't revelations and counteract much of what the media and liberals say they believe about Trump.

The audio establishes that Trump listens to experts and that he was serious about the virus but did not want panic. Anthony Fauci backs this interpretation. As others have correctly pointed out, Barack Obama did the same for H1N1 when he had the CDC stop counts to avoid panic.

Facts and reason will not deter the orange man bad dissonance.

This coronavirus nothing-burger, like most of the last two weeks of "devastating" news for Trump, will quickly become white noise.

Related: Democrat polls show Trump leading among Hispanics in FL.

TXSBOE will limit testimony today on sex-ed standards after lengthy input from the public on the matter yesterday. Progressive wackos are upset considered standards don't promote the sub-2% LGBTQ agenda and abortion.

Democrat Rep. Senfronia Thompson limited testimony during the 2019 session as chair of the Public Health Committee.

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