THU brief 9.3.20

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Today’s stories

SCOTX has temporarily blocked an attempt by Harris County to mail applications for mail-in ballots to everyone on its voter rolls.

Related: Progressive donor asks SCOTX for expanded mail-in balloting

SHELLEY LUTHER is getting national publicity after Nancy Pelosi was caught ignoring shutdown orders to get a haircut in San Francisco.

LAWMAKERS are going to have to cut the budget in 2021. In preparation, a document outlining $1 billion in cuts has been leaked to the Austin American Statesman to ramp up the cut blocking, freakout machine.

The timing of the leak, before the general election, is telling. Big-spending actors on both sides of the political spectrum want to get incumbents and challengers on the hook to maintain spending levels.

The proposed $1 billion in cuts is tiny compared to the overall $250 billion state budget.

ERIC JOHNSON’s, plan to “defund the bureaucracy”  was dealt a defeat yesterday. The Democrat Mayor of Dallas had proposed $6.5 in salary savings but did not garner any support from city council members for the plan.

NATIONAL progressive gatekeepers continue promoting Texas’ less talented version of AOC, Lina Hidalgo.

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