Thursday morning brief 11.7.19

Guns & Beto

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Immigration is still the most important issue for Texans and the backdrop for the latest round of polling by the University of Texas could not be worse for the left.

On Monday it was widely reported that Americans traveling near the border in Mexico were ambushed by a drug cartel, shot and their children burned in their car seats. This jarring violence comes only a couple of weeks after the Mexican military and government were forced to release the son of El Chapo.

Keeping in mind these recent accounts of the violence run amok south of the border, a University of Texas pollster has suggested that Republicans are racists based on “attitudes towards illegal immigration.” The border wall and laws against illegal immigration are designed to protect America. Sorry, Josh, it’s about safety.

Half of Texas voters agree “undocumented immigrants currently living in the United States should be deported immediately.

Guns and the right to bear them is a popular issue in Texas, even a “queer” former Beto O’rourke supporter is mad Democrats are gearing up to take them.

According to a Texas Monthly article meant to be dismissive of 2A rights, Daniel Peters testifying in support of a resolution to protect the second amendment told commissioners he’s gay and liberal and worries there are some who want to kill people like him, so he packs heat.

One of Beto’s disservices to Democrats was his unabashed position on gun confiscation and because he’s not the only one on record wanting to take them, Trump will have no issues ascribing Beto’s dropping guard to whichever candidate he faces in the 2020 general election.

Recent polling shows Texans’ support of the second amendment has not been disrupted by the steady stream of anti-gun messaging from the media.

Counties around the state continue moving preemptively to protect against violations of the second amendment, passing second amend sanctuary resolutions. Suggestions Texas will be similar to Virginia in 2020 are not found in polling data or any other reality. Keep in mind, Virginia went to Barack Obama in 2008.

Beto O’Rourke gave Democrats false hope and made Republicans nervous in 2018. In 2019 he gave Republicans ammo and his shadow will be a cold place to be in 2020. Trump put it well yesterday, “he [Beto] doesn’t like guns, religion or oil. He knocked out all three categories. Somehow in Texas that won’t work."

Turnout for Tuesday’s constitutional amendment election was 12%, more than double the turnout for the last midterm election in 2017. In 2015, the turnout was nearer the mark set yesterday, immediately preceding 2016.

Following the passage of Prop 4, Democrat operatives had a mixed reaction. One talking point was that it was completely unnecessary, which raises the question if it was so unnecessary, why did Democrats fight so hard for its defeat?

Here is proposition ranking from highest to lowest (rounded to nearest)

Julian Castro, a groomed socialist doomed to perpetually bide time, said in a tweet that turning Texas blue in 2020 starts with the State House 28 seat. Castro and other Democrats have pinned their hopes to a race that won’t be decided until possibly January. There go two months of momentum building. This race saw 60% of cast ballots go to Republicans on Tuesday night with outside spending and energy going almost exclusively to the Democrat candidate.

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